Happy New Year 2018

Hello, CarbonWA friends: Happy new year! A number of you were unable to read our previous newsletter due to a technical glitch, so to catch you up: We published a blog analyzing whether a city could pursue a carbon price to reach its climate goals, and we announced that we exceeded our match (!!!) from November, raising over $8,000 against our original goal of $4,000. Read on for a summary of our work in 2017 in what was a year of transition and advocacy for CarbonWA, along with an update on upcoming events for the legislative session.

2018 Legislative Session Sign Up! 

As the legislative session kicks off, review our analysis of the upcoming legislative session’s prospects, check out the recent support for carbon pricing from Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz, see this piece in the Olympian from Representative Drew MacEwen opposing a carbon tax (where he holds up the Scandinavian nations as models, but fails to mention that they all rely on carbon-pricing systems…whoops!), then see the recent announcement from The Nature Conservancy, Quinault Tribe and the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy that they’ve agreed to work together on a potential initiative. Be sure to stay tuned for more on potential initiatives and an analysis of the governor’s forthcoming carbon pricing proposal.

January 8th: 350 Seattle is hosting a climate countdown day of action in Olympia! Carbon WA is not sponsoring this event but many of our supporters may be interested and our legislators need to be hearing loud and clear that their constituents expect action.

January 18th: CarbonWA and ACT NOW are hosting our next legislative strategy call. Want to get involved in the session or get the latest scoop on the prospects for climate action? Get the call-in information by emailing

January 22nd: CarbonWA is supporting a lobby day that Audubon Washington, Climate Solutions and many others are participating in called “100% for the Climate,” focused on advocating for a price on carbon, 100% clean energy, and low carbon transportation solutions. You can sign up to join us here (and let us know if you can’t afford a ticket!).

February TBD: As we outlined in our legislative analysis, climate action will probably have to be bipartisan to pass this legislative session. We are in talks with partner groups around hosting a lobby day near the end of session highlighting the demand for bipartisan climate action in Olympia. Stay tuned!

March: Session ends. It’s a short one — so be sure to keep up with our newsletters for the latest to stay in the loop!

2017 in review

Internal: At CarbonWA, we began 2017 by surveying our membership as we charted a new direction. The strongest feedback we received was to continue to pursue ballot measures and carbon pricing. With your vote of confidence we’ve been setting ourselves up to be successful in the long run. We revamped our website, filed an application for 501(c)(3) charitable status with the IRS that is pending (thanks to the leadership of new board member Dan Shih), and grew and diversified our board in age, gender, ethnicity, geography, and political viewpoint. We achieved all of the work you see below on a lean five-figure budget and volunteer talent, but we hope to grow next year with the help of new fundraising chair Boyd Pickrell.

Media: We continued to be a loud and leading voice for carbon pricing in 2017. Here are a handful of pieces we instigated or were heavily featured in thanks in large part to the leadership of our communications team including Bill Boyd and Samara Villasenor. Check out our website for a full list of carbon pricing news items, many referencing our past and present work.

Original Policy and Political Analysis: At CarbonWA, we have continued to analyze bills and develop policy concepts that can help Washington State move forward.

2017 carbon tax bill matrixSB 5930 Analysis, and HB 1646 testimony.

Electric Vehicles By Utility and PACE legal exploration.

Can a city price carbon?

2018 Legislative Climate Action Prospects.

2018 Initiative Climate Action Prospects.

Grassroots Mobilization and Events: We organized a lobby day on April 20, bringing together over 100 people from the ACT NOW coalition to call for a price on carbon, and we held a follow up remote lobby day mobilizing calls from across the state. We spearheaded creation of the ACT NOW coalition (thanks to the leadership of board members Megan Conaway and Greg Rock) — a working group of over 30 organizations dedicated to carbon pricing and climate action.

We held dozens of phone meetings with ACT NOW members throughout the year coordinating climate action. We spread the climate-action gospel in person with a few highlights, including Board co-chair Mike Massa also discussed the future of climate legislation at the Seattle area clean energy professionals meeting and at a panel discussion of the Badger Club in the Tri-Cities. Kyle Murphy represented carbon pricing at the Washington Wire’s “Re-Wire Conference” panel discussion on climate. Finally, we held multiple house parties and happy hours to keep people connected and fighting for climate action.

Thank you for being a part of 2017 with us.

-The CarbonWA Team