2020 Bills Endorsed by Carbon Washington

Topic of bill Number Status/
Analysis CarbonWA testimony Companion Testimony Ranking
Stalling State Energy Code | CarbonWA OPPOSES HB2667 History Analysis Greg Rock 0
Creates grant program for sustainable farms and fields SB5947/HB2095 History Analysis 1
Increasing state’s emission reduction HB2311/SB6272 History Analysis Greg Rock Greg Rock 1
Clean Fuel Standard SB5412/HB1110 History Analysis 1
Reducing emissions by making changes to the clean car standards and clean car program SB5811/HB1999 History Analysis 1
Valuing the carbon in forest riparian easements HB2714/SB6498 History Analysis Greg Rock Greg Rock 1
Reduced parking and increased density in neighborhood HB2343/SB6334 History Analysis 2
Washington Healthy Soil Initiative SB6306 History Analysis Noa Kay 2
Authorizes counties to establish commercial property assessed clean energy financing HB2405/SB6222 History Analysis 2
Establishing a statewide industrial waste coordination program SB6430 History Analysis Greg Rock 2
Tackling climate change as a goal of the growth management act HB2427/SB6453 History Analysis 2
On minimizing leaks in natural gas pipelines HB2518 History Analysis Greg Rock 2
Adds proportional emissions reductions and resiliency to GMA planning HB2609/SB6335 History Analysis 2
Requiring cities and counties to adopt zoning and development rules making it easier to build ADUs in their urban growth areas HB2570 History Analysis Greg Rock 2
Creates a Cap and Trade System SB5981 History Analysis 2
Responds to Supreme Court ruling by specifying that Ecology has the authority to regulate direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases SB6628/HB2892 History Analysis 3
Authorizes public utilities to support shifting homes and buildings from fossil fuels to electricity if it’s in the public interest HB2586/SB6496 History Analysis 3
Inventorying and incentivizing the reduction of GHG emissions from sulfur hexafluoride HB 2379 History Analysis Jessie Martin 3
Food policy program SB6091 Analysis 3
Bans styrofoam containers, packing material and coolers SB6213/HB2429 History Analysis 3
Bans offshore oil projects and oil or gas infrastructure on shorelines of statewide significance SB6432 History Analysis 3
Requires full life cycle estimates of emissions in environmental evaluations HB2472 History Analysis 3
Creates standards for producing, labeling, and advertising ammonia made with renewable resources HB2652 History Analysis 3
Addresses food waste by standardizing labels for freshness or expiration HB2651 History Analysis 3
Including low carbon materials and labor law compliances in awarding state construction contracts HB2744 History Analysis 3
Allows Triple trailer rigs on State highways SB6597/HB2692 History Analysis 3
Extends the sales and use tax exemption for hog fuel to 2045 SB6665/HB2848 History Analysis 3