Since the beginning of the 2018 legislative session multiple climate bills, including a carbon tax, have been introduced, a carbon tax passed out of the Senate Environment Committee, the Seattle Times endorsed a carbon tax moving forward, the papers have been flooded by letters to the editor about climate, John Kerry stopped by to help out, and we cosponsored a climate lobby day with over 200 attendees. We are making progress.

But, we cannot let up. It is over halfway through the legislative session and right now the Senate Ways and Means Committee is considering a price on carbon in the form of SB 6203. But, they haven’t scheduled a vote and it’s not clear if they are going to take action. Our best guess is that they are counting votes in the Senate before moving it further along so we need to call every legislator to rally support for the bill. We need your help.

Today we are going to ring the phones off the hook in Olympia to make sure our lawmakers know they need to act on climate to maintain the support of their constituents! (If you are reading this after Monday . . . please still call!)

We need your help to pass a price on carbon this legislative session.

Step 1: Look up your legislators’ phone numbers. Use this link to find your legislators and their contact info.

Step 2: Prepare brief comments and review the suggested script we’ve created.

Step 3: Call your legislators to (respectfully) urge them to pass a price on carbon this year!

Step 4: Post on social media encouraging others to call (or share our posts), and email us to let us know how your calls went.

Do not accept any more delay from your elected officials. Call them now.

The CarbonWA Team

P.S. You can also check out the Youth Climate Lobby Day and let your legislators know you stand with youth who are counting on us to act and who are lobbying in Olympia right now, too!