You’d certainly be forgiven for forgetting that today is Earth Day. With an unprecedented public health crisis relentlessly occupying our thoughts, a new daily reality governing our routines and interactions, and a looming economic crisis igniting our fears and anxieties, there is simply too much weighing on our tired minds. So, I’ll keep this message brief.

While you might not have remembered that today is April 22nd (I didn’t), or know that the first-ever Earth Day took place 50 years ago today, I want you to know that Carbon Washington has not forgotten our commitment to you and what we are fighting for. Recovering from this crisis is going to require bold action, innovative solutions, and renewed thinking about our economy and our way of life. It will require reaching across the aisle — even if that aisle is now the Wi-Fi connection between two faces on a monitor — and reaching out to folks in communities across our state who need it most, from Forks to Pullman and everywhere in between.

While we all focus on getting through each day and helping our families, neighbors, and communities through this crisis, know that Carbon Washington is also looking to the future. We’re working hard on economic stimulus and recovery plans that will help put all Washingtonians back on their feet and move us forward together toward a clean, healthy, and prosperous future for all.

So, celebrate Earth Day, even for just a moment, if you want. Either way, know that we’re here working for you, advancing plans to help our economy and our communities recover from this crisis and rebuild to be stronger and more resilient than ever before.