CallFire Tips – CCL

Instructions for CCL Volunteers using Callfire to help us pass I-732!

We have nearly 1 million calls to make between now and November 8th.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to take action today. Passing I-732 will set a model for the nation and help us advance our shared mission of bipartisan, fair and effective climate action.

To get started, follow the instructions below, but first make sure to follow time differences! The best times to call are weekdays 5-8 p.m., and weekends 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Pacific Time. Remember: Your local time might be ahead of us! You can call any region in our call voters page — but we especially need your help with Pierce County!

Pacific Time Mountain Time Central Time Eastern Time
5:00 pm 6:00 pm (+1 hour) 7:00 pm (+2 hours) 8:00 pm (+3 hours)

Step 1: Logging on

  • First Time? Find your local region and click on it.

image 1

Next you will see this page where you can create your account. Please use your real name and phone number! Callfire masks your phone number, so it will never be released or made public.

call fire 8


Returning user? Head straight to and log in (click ‘login’) to your existing account.

Step 2: Connecting your phone

  • On the Welcome Page, please click on “Join Campaign” to connect to CallFire

call fire 14 join campaign

  • Your phone will ring. Answer it, and listen to the automatic message.
  • When you are ready, click begin dialing to start.
  • Don’t hang up until you are all done with your calling session!

Step 3: Call voters

  • Follow the prompts, use the script, and record any responses to the questions.
  • Always click “save” if you recorded responses, then move onto the next question.
  • If you get a message machine, click “smartdrop”. You don’t have to wait for the beep!
  • If voters have questions, use the FAQ guide or say “I don’t know, but please visit “”

Smart Drop Call Fire

Extra Tips

  • If the person is very supportive, ask if they want a free yard sign, and if you can get their email
    • Write “yardsign” and their email in the ‘notes’ section
  • Be sure to click “Save” and then click “Next” to continue calling after you have a conversation.
  • If you accidentally hang up. Don’t panic! You will just have to login and start over.
  • CarbonWA can keep track of who is making the most calls if you want to race your friends!
  • When you are connected to a voter, start speaking as soon as you hear the click connecting you, even if you just say “um”, it will differentiate you from a message machine.
  • Remember to have fun! Phone banking is a numbers game; some calls will be great, and some will be challenging.
  • It’s normal to spend an hour calling and speak to about 15-25 voters. Remember, while you are relaxing on the line waiting for a connection, Callfire is leaving messages to most of the answering machines automatically.
  • As you get more comfortable, feel free to have a genuine conversation instead of reading directly from the script. Remember though, we always have to land our core messages about meeting our moral obligation to protect future generations from climate change and our opportunity to expand clean energy by passing I-732!