Seattle, WA – September 25, 2018 – Carbon Washington, the organization behind the state’s 2016 ballot initiative to put a price on carbon (I-732), has endorsed Sen. Steve Hobbs in his re-election bid and Jared Mead in his race for state representative in Washington’s 44th District.

Sen. Steve Hobbs

“Steve Hobbs isn’t afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right, and we value his independent streak and moderate approach,” said Kyle Murphy, Executive Director of Carbon Washington. “While we hope that in the future he will show more openness to clean fuels legislation, he is the best choice for Senate in the 44th District for voters concerned about the environment.”

“As chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, I will continue to advocate for a sustainable transportation infrastructure including investments in multi-modal and commute-trip reduction programs,” said Hobbs in response to a questionnaire distributed by Carbon Washington to candidates running for legislative office in Washington. “I think there are opportunities for electrification of vehicles, ports, and ferries that are exciting and should be pursued… As one state taking action we continue to look for a formula that works well for Washington, recognizing the many diverse needs of citizens and employers in all corners of the state. We first and foremost need to be responsive to local concerns and needs as we craft effective carbon policy that is compatible with the culture and economy of our state.”

Carbon Washington also endorsed Jared Mead in his 44th District House race.

Jared Mead

“Serving as an aide to Senator Guy Palumbo last year, Jared has been in some of the most important climate policy discussions in the state,” said Murphy. “As a younger candidate, he is well positioned to speak for a generation that will be inheriting the impacts of climate change. He’s one of the candidates we are most excited about running for office this year.”

“I first decided to run for office to pursue climate policy,” said Mead in his questionnaire. “It is a passion of mine. I even went back to school to pursue my electrical engineering degree in an effort to better understand wind and solar technology… I will always fight to spread awareness about climate change and constantly pursue ways to clean our environment and reduce our human footprint.”

The full 2018 Carbon Washington Climate Voters’ Guide, along with additional information about the endorsement process and specific races, can be found at

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Carbon Washington is a nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. The organization works with concerned citizens and lawmakers from all partisan backgrounds. In 2016, the group developed Initiative 732 as a revenue-neutral approach to taxing carbon pollution while encouraging economic growth for families and businesses. To get involved and learn more about Carbon Washington’s initiative campaigns, legislative campaigns, policy research and other efforts to educate the public about climate change, visit

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