CarbonWA’s Sustainable Farms and Fields Campaign

What is the Sustainable Farms and Fields Campaign?

We are a coalition of farmers, business owners, working professionals and advocates who support sustainable farming practices that can store carbon, lead to healthier soils, and support local farmers.

By working collaboratively with farmers and ranchers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector, the state of Washington can grow rural economies, strengthen our farming economy, and take a meaningful step to address climate change. Washington’s farmland is an asset to our food system, our economy, and our environment that is worth investing in.

What is SB 5947?

Senate Bill 5947 is a piece of legislation before the Washington State Legislature that takes aim at the carbon emissions generated in our agricultural sector. It creates a grant program to assist with adopting carbon-reducing and sequestration practices. The program would fund work in three areas:

  1. Reducing carbon emissions generated throughout farming and ranch processes, including from fertilizers, pesticides, and fuels.
  2. Adoption of regenerative agricultural practices like no-till, cover-cropping, manure, compost, and biochar additions.
  3. Agroforestry, the addition of new trees and shrubs on agricultural and ranch settings that sequester carbon.

SB 5947 was sponsored by equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats. Many organizations support the sustainable farms and fields bill as well – Carbon Washington, WA Association of Conservation Districts, American Farmland Trust, Tulalip Tribe, Tilth, Audubon Washington, The Nature Conservancy, dozens of farms, and more.

SB 5947 passed the State Senate in 2019 and will be before the State House of Representatives in early 2020. You can see the sponsor list and learn more in the Washington State Wire, or on our website.

How Can I Help?