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We are thankful for all you gave this Giving Tuesday,

Thanks to the roughly 45 donors who have helped us raise over $18,000 in our matching drive! We exceeded our original $10,000 target almost two-fold! Your financial contributions enable us to keep our Sustainable Farms work going through the legislative session while also giving us bandwidth to work on carbon pricing and other climate action policies. If you missed out on the match please still consider donating to CarbonWA — you can give online or mail a check to PO Box 85565, Seattle, WA 98145.

CarbonWA featured at next Climate Science on Tap 12/16

Please join CarbonWA at the next Climate Science on Tap Happy Hour Monday 12/16 at Optimism Brewing. Cascadia Climate Action will be hosting an informative discussion featuring CarbonWA’s Greg Rock and other experts on the role of farms in solving the climate crisis. Family and dog-friendly!

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You can also join us on Thursday, December 12 from 4 – 6 pm on Mercer Island for a forum on climate policy hosted by our friends at Low Carbon Prosperity. More info and tickets available here.

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Sustainable Farms Campaign Update

In the last month, over 30 additional farms have endorsed the Sustainable Farms campaign, CarbonWA held over 25 meetings with legislators in Olympia discussing carbon pricing and sustainable farms, and the House Agriculture Committee received a supportive initial report from the state Department of Agriculture on the prospect of enacting SB 5947. We’ve been busy. You can watch the House Committee Report yourself here (skip to 1:40) and help by encouraging farms and food organizations to sign on to the sign on letter.

Lest you think the only bill we are focusing on is SB 5947 (Sustainable Farms), stay tuned as the upcoming legislative session approaches for updates on carbon pricing, electric vehicles and more.

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Wants to Hear from You

While we gear up for the legislative session which begins in January, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is moving ahead now with a regional low carbon fuel standard proposal. The proposal would require transportation fuel sellers in the greater Puget Sound area to reduce carbon intensity by adopting measures to promote electric vehicles, use of biofuels, and other carbon reduction measures. You can submit a supportive comment through this webform, engage directly with the PSCAA, and review our blog post for a nuanced discussion about a low carbon fuel standard and how it works.

CarbonWA in the Times & Talk Radio

You may have seen CarbonWA Board Chair Doug Ray quoted in a recent Seattle Times piece on Washington’s spiking Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Doug hit a key CarbonWA position reminding folks that last session’s progress on electricity, HFCs and buildings is a good start but not nearly enough: “‘It’s really only going to affect 10-15 percent of our emissions [referring to last session’s bills],’ said Doug Ray, chair of the Carbon Washington board of directors, which put a carbon-tax initiative on the ballot in 2016 that voters did not approve. ‘The area they missed was the transportation sector. We got nothing done. We’re well set up for this: Our electricity is already low carbon.’”

But, you probably didn’t hear Doug on the Lars Larson show, a popular conservative talk radio show in the Northwest. Doug held his own and hopefully helped a few listeners consider climate change in a new light – you can find the segment here at 11-21-19 at 1:09.

Thank you for powering us with your time, energy, resources, and good spirit us as we continue to work towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and a healthy, livable future.


From the whole Carbon Washington team