Hello, CarbonWA friends: Read on for a few reasons why we hope you’ll donate to CarbonWA this Giving Tuesday. Your gift won’t disappear in a large multi-faceted nonprofit budget; it goes straight to lean education, policy development and political advocacy efforts to bring smart climate action to Washington State.

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Why CarbonWA?

We Elected Climate Champions

We embarked on a new effort this year to elect a climate majority to the state legislature. Our work culminated in the first ever Climate Voters Guide and a program of active campaigning in key legislative races. 5 out of the 7 key candidates we campaigned for WON their election. Thanks in part to your support of our efforts, there will be more climate advocates in the legislature than ever before. 

/var/folders/wd/gsl8x9wd0wqb8gnlzgdjgp_40000gn/T/ Led Grassroots Efforts For a Legislative Carbon Tax

Last spring, CarbonWA was at the forefront of a legislative effort to pass a carbon tax. While the bill ultimately fell short, it was groundbreaking in that it brought new stakeholders to the table, passed out of two committees for the first time in the country, won support from the Seattle Times, and helped to inform the work of our colleagues in Massachusetts and across the country. CarbonWA provided robust grassroots lobbying and policy development support in the process. Neither the bill or the process were perfect, but for the first time in recent years climate action was one of the top things on the agenda in Olympia.

Our Strategy in 2019

At CarbonWA, we believe climate change should be a bridge issue, not a wedge issue used for partisan purposes. we will work with Republicans, Democrats, business leaders, energy leaders, and communities across the state to find smart solutions that bring people together. We will work on land-use climate solutions, like carbon sequestration and biochar. We will support efforts for a low carbon fuel standard regionally and in the legislature. And, we will support carbon pricing. Your gift enables us build on 2018’s progress by funding policy development and grassroots lobbying for climate action.

Donate HereThanks For Your Ongoing Support

 If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation to CarbonWA’s charitable work (not political) developing policy solutions, you can direct your contribution to our 501C(3) charity the Carbon Washington Foundation. To make your tax-deductible gift, mail a check addressed to “Carbon Washington Foundation” to PO Box 85565, Seattle WA, 98145. Please also write “501C3” in the memo line. Donations made through the website are received by Carbon Washington Action and are used for political efforts that are not tax-deductible.

— The CarbonWA Team