Guide to Calling Your Legislators 2019

Thank you for signing up to call your legislator! We need to encourage our lawmakers to create and support bills that increase the demand for climate action and fight for smart carbon policies. Here are instructions to help get you started.

Step 1: Pick a time that you can call your legislators. It only takes 5 minutes!

Step 2: Get your legislators’ phone numbers. If you do not know your legislators or your district, find them first at Find My District. Phone numbers are also on the following pages and organized by district.

Step 3: Prepare your comments. When you call, you will likely speak with the legislative aide or leave a voicemail. Please use the script below as a guideline. If you would like guidance on what bills need to be pushed in the legislature, contact Executive Director Kyle Murphy at

Call script (use this as a guideline for your conversation or voicemail):

Hello, my name is [_________]. I live in the [______] district. I want to strongly urge [Senator/Representative ______ ] to support a price on carbon and to pass a climate bill this session. We need to act now to protect future generations from climate change impacts. [insert bill] provides a good start by investing in effective solutions, but we need to strengthen that bill and incorporate bipartisan input, and pass it this year. Can we count on (Rep/Sen X) to support climate action this year?

Thank you for your time and for leaving this message for my legislator!

  • On average, you should spend between 1 – 3 minutes speaking. If you can share a personal reason for your position, please share them. Please also feel free to modify this script – lawmakers will be getting a lot of calls so if you can customize the message than please do so.
  • Please be respectful of the time and opinions of your legislators and their aides. It is common practice for them to ask for your address, so they can verify you live in the district. They may also ask for an email or phone number. You can politely refuse to give any of this information but be sure to identify yourself as a constituent!

Step 4: Report back. Email to let us know how your calls went! Contact Kyle at

Step 5: (Optional) Post on social media. Encourage others to call (or share our posts).

Use #waleg and #actonclimate to maximize your action.

Step 6: (Optional) Write a letter to your local newspaper. A letter to the editor calling for the legislative action is another way to create pressure for action! Email us if you would like help drafting your letter.