Hello, CarbonWA friends: The Trump Administration is leaving the international Paris Climate Change agreement. CarbonWA board co-chair Mike Massa speaks for all of us with this message in response:

“Carbon Washington is shocked and saddened by President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. His abdication of federal responsibility leaves a void of leadership which states and cities must fill. We call on the Washington State Legislature to enact a price on carbon pollution, along with other measures to accelerate the transition to a vibrant clean energy economy, during the current legislative session. 

“This is a pivotal moment for our elected leaders to show the nation that bipartisan action to tackle urgent problems is still possible in America. And it is an opportunity to demonstrate to the children of Washington State, and the greater world, that their futures matter. Together, we owe them a livable climate and the opportunity for a healthy, prosperous life. Let’s get to work.”

Let’s also remember that the Paris agreement was never going to be enough on its own. A stable climate was neither won or lost in Paris, and it is neither won nor lost now.

Hold onto hope. Fight back.

Join us in demanding the state legislature pass a price on carbon 

There still haven’t been any breakthroughs in the legislative session. We expect the state to pass a budget sometime in late June, and while a price on carbon is still in the mix as a potential part of the final budget solution, it is not a sure thing. Legislators are negotiating on the total size of the budget first, with negotiations on how to pay for it coming later, and a revenue forecast coming on June 20th will also influence their thinking. While the final make up of the budget may be out of our control, we can make a heck-uva lot of noise so that each and every lawmaker knows that their constituents want action on climate change and that we will be remembering what they do this session when they are up for re-election. You can take action by writing your legislators NOW and you can join us for our virtual lobby day.


On June 15th, our entire network and many of our ACT NOW coalition partners will be teaming up for a virtual lobby day to call on the legislature to ACT NOW. Please help us flood the capitol with calls on June 15th by signing up, sharing the event on Facebook, and recruiting your friends. Let’s do this.

$6,500 raised as a match – will you give now?

We have a $6,500 commitment from a number of generous donors who want to see it matched from our grassroots. We know a lot of groups are fundraising off of the Paris announcement right now, and we know that donating to us isn’t going to change this decision. But, we can make a difference here in Washington, and your gift will be matched. So, please take a moment to consider what action feels right to you in response to the Paris agreement withdrawal and do that. Just make sure you do something.

Join our virtual lobby day, donate if you can, or support another group if that feels right with time and resources but make sure you step up and find a way to fight for our climate.

The most important thing is that we stay in the game – even when the other team scores a few points.  Game on!

More news and responses to Paris.

In response to the Paris agreement, Washington Governor Jay Inslee joined California and New York to form the US Climate Alliance. This is a great move – but it needs to be followed with policy actions that cut carbon – like a carbon tax! Our friends at Audubon Washington released a statement as well “White House to the World: Bake On,” and they aren’t talking about cookies. Former President Obama also released a statement affirming that US leadership will continue, just not from the federal government. The New York Times provided a good overview of what to expect as the US prepared to leave the Paris agreement.  The Stranger also hosted an interesting discussion with Cliff Mass (and I-732 supporter) and Charles Mudede (an I-732 opponent) about climate action – tune into minute 17 for a recap of I-732. Both of them make some good points, and Cliff especially does regarding the need to stay committed to facts and reach out to people from different ideological backgrounds. Meanwhile, Ellensburg resident Meghan Anderson speaks her truth by calling on the legislature to pass a price on carbon in an LTE. Further afield, Virginia’s governor ordered his administration to draft regulations capping emissions from power plants. The Trudeau administration released a draft of its plan for a carbon tax that would be imposed on any Canadian provinces that don’t enact their own carbon pricing scheme.

Finally, find inspiration in this Albert Camus quote, “For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.

We are here, fighting on! 

From the whole Carbon Washington team