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Transportation fuels are responsible for nearly half of our global warming pollution in Washington. Diesel and gasoline are the largest sources of air pollution, which health professionals link directly to asthma, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases. We also know that lower income communities and communities of color disproportionately suffer from pollution, since they are often closer to major transportation corridors.

We can clean up our act right now. HB 1110, which could create a clean fuel standard, has passed the House and is making its way through the Senate. We support it mainly because it’s an economically efficient, effective, well-written policy. And because it is technology agnostic — we’re not saying you need to go buy this or that. Instead, we want an outcome. We want less pollution from our fuels. A marketplace is created because there’s a trading mechanism built into the policy — so it mimics the efficiency of a carbon tax.

Please email your senator and tell them to support the Clean Fuel Standard.

Washington is the only West Coast state that still lacks a Clean Fuel Standard.

It’s time for us to align ourselves with neighbors California, Oregon and British Columbia. Biofuel refinery jobs have left Washington, while California is busy expanding their own standard on schedule, after achieving the sector emissions reductions they set out to do a decade ago.

Currently WA drivers have few choices beyond traditional gasoline and diesel. Washingtonians deserve cleaner fuels that improve public health, reduce climate pollution, and support local economic development in rural communities.

A Clean Fuel Standard will:

  • Require refineries and fuel importers to achieve a 10% carbon intensity reduction by 2028; and a 20% carbon intensity reduction by 2035
  • Cut more than five million tons of carbon by 2035
  • Create up to 15,000 local jobs in the electrification industry and in the production of clean fuels from the agricultural, dairy, waste and forestry sectors.

Let’s do this! Please email your senator right now.

To learn more about HB1110 backed by Carbon WA, tune in to a panel with opponents on Seattle Channel.

Also make an impact by attending a rally in Olympia Thursday (April 11) to show support for this and other climate action. RSVP here.

And attend a WA Business Alliance mixer Wednesday (April 10) to learn more about The Future of Transport.


Greg Rock
Policy Chair, Carbon Washington

Greg Rock - Policy Chair

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