Top of Olympia DomeThe House Democrats and Senate Republicans have both released their draft budget plan for the state. Neither chamber appears particularly impressed with the budget put forward by their counterparts but they seem agree that the other chamber isn’t doing a good job raising revenue for the state. The House seems to think the Senate budget is too lean and threatens to cut vital programs, while the Senate seems to think the House isn’t standing behind the tax increases that will be needed to fund the spending in their budget.

On the climate front, neither budget includes a price on carbon. Now, this isn’t great news. We would be in a better position if one or both chambers would stand behind a carbon price as a necessary and useful part of the budget and our climate strategy. But, it isn’t all bad news either. Since neither chamber included it, a price on carbon has a better chance of being seen as a potential bipartisan compromise that wouldn’t require one side to look like it’s caving into the other. 

There is also a chance that absolutely nothing will happen this session. If that’s the case, look for us to release a number of ballot initiative concepts this summer and discuss the path forward with other key groups, because not taking action on climate is not an option.  

April 20th ACT-NOW Lobby Day! 

Please join us on Thursday, April 20th for a carbon tax lobby day in honor of the upcoming Earth Day. This is organized in conjunction with the ACT NOW (advocates for a carbon tax NOW). ACT NOW is a growing coalition of volunteers and organizations that want to see a carbon tax pass this legislative session. If you are a part of an organization that would like to join the ACT NOW coalition, email and let’s chat! We have over 12 organizations signed on already (read the statement and signers here).


You can participate in five ways –

  • By joining us in person (the best!).
  • Joining us remotely (also good!).
  • Writing a letter to the editor (extra credit!).
  • Sign up to be the climate ambassador for your legislative district and help us create a local climate impact report (email to sign up!)
  • Participate in our #myclimatefight social media photo contest  in the lead up to lobby day to spread awareness to your friends (read on!).

Then join our #MYCLIMATEFIGHT Photo Contest in the lead up to Lobby Day 

The latest research from Yale’s Climate Change Communication Center has found that most Americans believe that climate change is happening, but fewer think that it will harm them personally. The purpose of the photo contest is to make climate change more personal to us (and our social networks), and hopefully to present a stack of constituents’ photos to legislators on our lobby day. (Remember the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”?) Read the rules and directions below then join in and win $100!

#MyClimateFight Rules

In the news

“Trump signs executive order to roll back Clean Power Plan, return focus to coal”;  Free Speech Radio News, March 28, 2016 And a response in Washington state: “Trump to Repeal Federal Climate Regs, Washington State Undaunted: Clean Power Plan or no, Washington is ahead on climate.”  We also have a Book recommendation: “The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable”  by Amitav Ghosh And if reading isn’t your thing, we have a radio recommendation! Climate Connections is a daily 90-second radio series on KBCS radio that aims to help listeners understand how climate change is already impacting our lives and what diverse people and organizations are doing to reduce the associated risks.

News have you down? Get in the game! Join us on lobby day! 

From the whole Carbon Washington team.