Presidents' DayHello, CarbonWA friends: We are getting back in the game – read on for an update!

New board offering $8,500 match. Donate in honor of Presidents’ Day! 

As we reorganize and gear up again, CarbonWA is welcoming three new board members:

Aaron Tam: Aaron formerly served as a CarbonWA volunteer and staffer, and currently works for the Endangered Species Coalition. 

Megan Conaway: Megan formerly served as a CarbonWA volunteer and staffer, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in political science and environmental studies.

Dan Shih: Dan is an attorney with Susman Godfrey, serves on the ACLUE of Washington board and is a former candidate (D-43rd) for the state legislature. 

To kick off our next phase our board members, both new and seasoned are offering a $8,500 fundraising match now through March 5th! 

It’s Presidents’ Day, which is a good excuse to remind ourselves of the current administration’s ambitious 3-part climate plan that includes uncovering the Chinese global warming hoax, building pipelines, and getting rid of that pesky federal climate science research. If that’s not your favorite flavor of climate policy, we need your help advancing real solutions here in our Washington.

If you want to see us working in 2017 in the legislature and exploring paths back to the ballot, please consider making a gift now or in the near future when you can. It helps us the most to donate directly through our website (or you can mail a check to CarbonWA, PO Box 85565, Seattle WA, 98145).

Help us chart our next move – fill out our future plans survey!

Despite failing to pass I-732 this election cycle, we remain committed to pushing climate solutions into the public arena and we intend to spend the next few months exploring exactly the best way to do so. We need your input to help us gauge the support for different roads ahead. To ease the process, we’ve created a survey (of which we will release the results in the coming weeks!).

There are 2 ways you can provide feedback to us!

Complete our online survey

Host or attend a local ‘future of carbonwa’ meetup, schedule of events coming soon (to host – email to help set one up!).

Many of you already shared your thoughts about how we should proceed, but don’t hesitate to do so again!

Update from the Legislature 

There are three carbon pricing plans being discussed in the legislature right now. To help you understand the differences between each one, Greg Rock spearheaded a project to create this  grid of each proposed carbon policy and its major features (trouble with the link? Email to get a copy sent directly to you). While there are things to like in each policy, as well as areas they can be improved, the defining feature right now appears to be that they all look like long-shots to pass this session. We’ll keep you posted and will spring into action should one policy appear poised for more serious consideration. 

In the News

There are three big news items on the climate front this week. First of all, the Trump administration has signed an executive order to speed up the permitting processes for the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines, Mexico city is facing a severe water crisis with climate change implicated as one of the causes. Finally, a Republican group called the ‘Climate Leadership Council’, including former Secretary of State James Baker and other Republican statesmen, have put forward a national plan for a carbon tax with the majority of the revenue going back to households (reminiscent of I-732!). Like I-732, its also drawing more than a little attention. You can read an impassioned case for supporting the plan by I-732 supporter Charles Komanoff called “Progressives need to get over themselves and support this GOP backed carbon tax plan” but it’s not just progressives that have to come around to this plan, the plans backers admit that conservatives will have to start taking climate changs seriously at the national level too. Finally, the northwest Citizens Climate Lobby groups are hosting their annual conference on March 4th and 5th in Seattle including a session from CarbonWA’s Kyle Murphy on the lessons from the I-732 campaign and engaging voters, you can register here!

We can do it!

From the whole Carbon Washington team.