Over the next few months of the legislature’s special session, we have an opportunity to pass an effective carbon tax. Even if nothing passes this session, we need to show that people in our state still want a carbon tax.  

Find your legislators.  Use Facebook’s Town Hall tool, or Find Your District. Click here for all the emails.

If you are a fan of texting, consider the Resistbot. Just text “RESIST” to 50409. It helps you send a message to your members of congress.  Keep this handy when important federal bills come to light. This is important, because federal action does affect the Puget Sound directly.

For this week’s action item, read briefly over the homepage to learn about your legislators’ advocacy. Your letter should be a short email to thanking them for their service, and asking whether they could support a carbon tax. For reference, you can also check if they supported I-732, and be sure to thank them, if they did.

In mid-June, we are hosting a statewide phonebank to our legislators. You can RSVP here.