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ACT NOW on Climate

Phil Jones and Howard Behar call for a carbon tax in the Seattle Times

If you didn’t catch our op-ed in the Seattle Times “A Carbon Tax is Right for Our Environment and Economy”, go back and read it now. Phil Jones, a Republican and former UTC commissioner (and new CarbonWA board member) joined former Starbucks President (and CarbonWA supporter) Howard Behar to call on the legislature to take action this year.

“As a moderate Republican and an independent, we don’t always see eye to eye on how to solve some of society’s biggest challenges. But on climate change we agree: Taxing the sources of carbon pollution is a pragmatic, bipartisan, common-sense solution.”

Once you’ve read the Seattle Times piece, read Charlotte Omoto’s op-ed for CarbonWA in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, “Carbon Tax Helps Environment, Boosts Economy.”

Then, check out this Washington State Wire discussion between conservative leaning journalist Keith Phillips and CarbonWA ED Kyle Murphy about passing a carbon tax this year. The Wire’s takeaway from the discussion is that a carbon tax can easily pass as long as it’s revenue neutral. If you still haven’t had enough, check out supporter Merv Montacute’s LTE about the ACT NOW lobby day, and his message to his representative(more…)

Washington State Wire: A conversation with Carbon Washington Executive Director Kyle Murphy


Kyle Murphy“Our long-term game plan is to build a grassroots climate organization where citizens are in charge and where moderates and conservatives can come to the table with liberals as partners. We believe if you get citizens and leaders from all political backgrounds working together, we’ll get good outcomes and that a low carbon future can actually be a really prosperous one, too.”

That’s just part of what Carbon Washington Executive Director Kyle Murphy told Washington State Wire’s Keith Schipper. In a wide-ranging interview, Murphy also discusses the lack of progressive support for Initiative 732, the prospects for the carbon-tax bills now before the legislature, and why a carbon tax (that doesn’t hurt low-income families) is such a good idea. (more…)

A carbon tax is right for environment and economy

Philip Jones and Howard Behar

Philip Jones and Howard Behar

“Climate change is real and happening before our eyes,” write Philip Jones and Howard Behar in the Seattle Times. “We are already being forced to adapt to the tangible conse­quences of a warming climate. These actions are caused by more extreme variability in weather resulting in flooding, coastal erosion, dramatically reduced glaciation in the Olympic and Glacier National Parks, as well as observed acidification in our shorelines and the Puget Sound estuary.

“As a moderate Republican and an independent, we don’t always see eye to eye on how to solve some of society’s biggest challenges. But on climate change we agree: Taxing the sources of carbon pollution is a pragmatic, bipartisan, common-sense solution.”

Philip Jones was a Utilities and Transportation commissioner from 2005-2017, and served as past president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. Howard Behar is former president of Starbucks Coffee Company and author of “It’s Not About The Coffee” and “The Magic Cup.”


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Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
WA not on track to hit 2020 climate goal. New report offers ideas to get there. Easier if we start NOW #waleg 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Virginia Gov orders carbon emissions cut. Will #waleg force us to rely on regulations too? A #carbontax is better. 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Draft Canada #carbontax plan: C$10/ton in 2018, rising to C$50/ton by 2022. Perf std for EITEs. Model for #waleg? 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Happy hour starts at 5:30! Sun, beer, and mingling with fellow CarbonWA supporters @fremontbrewing 1050 N 34th St,… 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Conservatives call for free market carbon price instead of regulation - #Waleg faces same choice. 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Why do you think a #carbontax is right for Washington state? #waleg 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Word on the street is WA legislators like hashtags as much as we do. Can we get #carbontax and #waleg trending toge… 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
A #carbontax is coming to Wa, and we aren't alone. Will #waleg get on board or will it take another initiative? 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
We can cut CO2 pollution with cap or #carbontax. Time for #waleg to provide biz certainty + protect kids' future. 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Scientist & communicator @KHayhoe relates how she engages people in constructive discussions about climate change. 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
RT @KHayhoe:Does everyone agree on climate science? No. But do we agree on solutions? The majority say - yes. See more:… 
Carbon Washington  @carbonwa
Power sector insiders see price on carbon as key to harmonizing wholesale power mkts with state climate policies. 

What People Are Saying About Reducing Carbon Pollution

A carbon tax is a good starting point for working toward eventual state and federal agreements that put a price on carbon emissions. If national elder statesmen in the Republican Party can take this idea seriously, so should other Republicans in our statehouse and in Congress. The same goes for Democrats.

The Olympian

Climate change is the biggest market failure of our time. If the United States is to continue to lead and innovate, we must move away from fossil fuels and focus on developing clean, inexpensive, renewable energy sources. A price on carbon is the best policy to promote this change.

Jim McDermott, U.S. Representative for Washington's 7th Congressional District

As a business community, we have an opportunity not just to make a change in Washington, but to pave a moderate path that is both pro-business and pro-environment, and that can be adopted across the country. It is not an overstatement to say that the impact of that could change the world for our children and our grandchildren . . .

A-P Hurd, president, Touchstone

Scientists and economists agree that the most effective way to free ourselves from fossil fuels is to stop the free lunch for polluters.

Sightline Institute

Who We Are

Carbon Washington consists of students, activists, scientists, economists and concerned citizens across the state. All of us believe that we have a moral obligation to reduce carbon pollution and promote clean, renewable energy.

In 2016, we mounted a statewide campaign to pass Initiative 732 — the revenue-neutral carbon tax we proposed. Economists say carbon taxes are the single-most effective way to get polluters to stop polluting. More than 360,000 citizens signed our petition (a near-record number).

Our initiative was endorsed by a bipartisan group of citizens, business leaders, scientists, economists, public officials, and social and environmental leaders. It attracted worldwide attention. And although the measure did not pass, more than 1.25 million Washingtonians voted in favor of I-732 last November.

Now Carbon Washington is charting its future. Right now, we are speaking up for bills before the legislature that will reduce carbon pollution.

Longer-term, we are evolving into an organization that will help design, promote and pass carbon-reduction policies — policies that are effective, equitable, economically sound and politically feasible — in Washington State and elsewhere.

You can help us by signing up for our weekly email blast, connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, and donating so we can do the hard work that needs to be done. You can also join one of our chapters across the state. 

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