Environmental Tax Reform: Tax Pollution, Not People

Who We Are:

Carbon Washington wasn’t founded by politicians or wealthy executives, it wasn’t created in high-rises, board rooms, or in Olympia. CarbonWA was created in classrooms and living rooms, by students, activists, academics, and concerned citizens. We realized we couldn’t wait any longer for someone else to address climate change, we realized we were the ones we had been waiting for all along. We believe that ordinary citizens have the power to change things, and we hope that you do too. Take a look at our team so far, and we hope that you will join us to say Yes on I-732!

Our Policy: 

We looked to the north to British Columbia, which had quietly implemented one of the most effective climate policies in the world. We also looked at Washington State, which has the most regressive tax code in the nation. Then we put our heads together and came up with a policy, I-732, that will replicate the success in British Columbia while making our tax code fairer at the same time.

By implementing a $25 per ton tax on Carbon Pollution, we make polluting more expensive, thereby creating incentives for everyone to reduce their carbon emissions. All of the revenue raised by the tax goes to reducing existing taxes. Most of it goes toward a 1 percent reduction in the sales tax for everybody. But we also virtually eliminate the B&O (business) tax for manufacturers and fund a tax rebate for low income families called the Working Families Rebate. The average family will pay a little bit more for carbon fuels but pay less for everything else! Check out the tax swap calculator to see how it would pencil out for your family or your business!

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I-732 is Endorsed by:

Ron Sims          Nick Licata               Mike McGinn

And These Organizations:

Seatle Business MagCCLClimate Action BainbridgeOCAFeet First(small)DivestUW (small) East Shore Unitarian ChurchUnitarian Universalists

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